Champagne DEVAVRY

Blanc de Blancs Cuvée Pur Sang

The Devavry family has been cultivating vines on some of the finest slopes in all of Champagne for 4 generations and always with the same dedication and attachment to their land.
Over the years they have acquired an enviable reputation for exceptional champagnes, a reputation that eve- ryone involved in the business today is fiercely committed to maintaining.
This means ensuring continuity so that the family expertise, the core asset, is passed from one generation to the next, whilst also embracing progress to improve every aspect of wine making so as to offer customers truly outstan- ding champagnes. Attention to detail, dedication and creativity are the watchwords behind the hard earned success and reputation that the family enjoys today.

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Nothing about this cuvée happened by accident, not the champagne itself, or the name, which means Pure Blood. Like a thoroughbred race horse, this champagne boasts a lineage of pure Chardonnay with a vivacious freshness that will leave no one indifferent. Just like the sleek coat of a race horse, the tempting appearance of the cham- pagne cloaks a combination of power and suppleness within. The aim, as ever, for Champagne Devavry is to delight you with a new creation that will appeal to all your senses.

Production: High quality pressing using a traditional 4,000kg press that allows us to separate and select only the best juices. All harvesting done by hand.

Vinification: Fermented in temperature controlled, stainless steel vats (kept between 18-20°C) before racking.. Malolactic fermentation is blocked for our entire production. The wine is aged on lees for 6 months post-fermentation then bottled at the end of April/start of May before being moved to the cellars for ageing. This particular vintage is aged for 6 years.

Can be kept for 10 years
Serving temperature: between 5 and 8°C
Malolactic fermentation blocked

Vineyards: 40% from Sézanne area in AOC Champagne region (south-west of the Marne) and 60% from villages of Dizy and Champillon in AOC 1er Cru region. Clay soils. Chardonnay grapes from 35-45 year old vines, all pruned in Chablis style. Vineyard density 8,500 vines/hectare. Our vines are maintained according to strict and meticulous environmentally-friendly methods. No chemical fertilisers are used, only organic-mineral preparations.
Soil and exposure
Champillon, Dizy, Sezanne
Grape Variety
Chardonnay : 100%

Famille Devavry

43, rue Pasteur
51160 Champillon
Tél. : 03 26 59 46 21
Email :