The Château takes his name from the English General Galian who, from this location, commanded the English troops during the occupation of Aquitaine in the 15th century.
Château Galiane has been a family vineyard for generations. It is planted with 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 45% Merlot and 5% Verdot, which offer a perfect balance, a classic and traditional wine in the Margaux appellation. The vineyard spreads over fine gravel knolls.
At Château Galiane, we work a lot on the soils, we do leaf-stripping and take great care of the vines, which is the starting point of a great wine.

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Vintages for sale

The 2015 Margaux is a charming wine, with a dominance of redcurrant and spice, aromatic complexity, harmonious tannins and combines richness and smoothness.
A beautiful and particularly promising wine.
The 2014 vintage is remarkable, with an intense purple colour, rich yet very elegant, a delicious wine with both an intense nose and palate (wild strawberries, spice), a well-balanced and melted structure, and great ageing potential.
The delicious 2013 vintage reveals a deep colour, it is rich and complex, with notes of liquorice and blackcurrant. An ingratiating wine, round and ample with velvety tannins.
The 2012 vintage has great character, an intense burgundy colour, associating structure to a lovely suppleness. The richness of aromas includes notes of plum, violet and prune and the warm palate shows a dominance of macerated strawberry. To be opened with a braised leg of lamb or a veal fricandeau in the traditional way.
The 2011 vintage is truly remarkable, with firm and well-balanced tannins and notes of ripe plum. It is a powerful and delicious wine, with a melted palate where candied prune is predominant, a great ageing potential, ideal with morel puff pastry.
The lovely 2010 vintage boasts rich aromas and texture, with notes of stewed black fruit on the palate and well-balanced tannins. A “complete” wine for laying down.
The 2009 vintage is powerful on the palate, with ripe tannins, lovely aromas of redcurrant and humus, a great roundness, full-bodied yet both fine and well-structured.
Excellent ageing potential. To be opened on a rack of lamb with garlic.
The 2008 vintage is all about colour and texture, rich and fatty, with a smoked and griotted nose, showing a lovely balance with present yet velvety tannins: a promising wine.
The 2007 vintage reveals a lovely ans intense colour, light notes of spice on the nose, as well as notes of blackberry, and combines robustness and roundness delighttul on the palate. Ideal to complement a confit duck leg or sautéed ribs of veal.

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