“Château Croque-Michotte is a family vineyard acquired in 1906 by Samuel Geoffrion, my great-great-grand-father,”, says Pierre Carle, “and we have been Organic certified since 1999.”
It is located in the western area of St Emilion, on old sand and gravel soils carried by the Isle river. We are surrounded by several Pomerol vineyards. Our 13.67ha are composed of 74% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Franc and 1% Cabernet-Sauvignon.
We are close to the Petrus and Cheval Blanc estates, on the plateau overlooking the Dordogne valley.

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Vintages for sale

2012 Saint Emilion GC, an intense garnet colour, a full-bodied wine as we like them, with notes of prune, characterised by its balance and harmony, associating power and elegance.
2011 vintage, all about finesse, a robust wine with notes of cooked fruit, a both complex and subtle nose, with a dominance of Morello cherry, blackberry and undergrowth, to be enjoyed with a rabbit stew or veal sweetbread canapés.

The 2010 vintage is superb, with strong and well balanced tannins, aromas of cooked red fruit, truffle, spice and undergrowth, an ample, full-bodied wine, with a remarkable balance on the palate.

The 2009 vintage is every bit as good, with great character, smooth but firm tannins, a complex nose (wild strawberries, leather), an intense finish, a classic wine rich in colours, combining finesse and body, ample and lasting on the palate, probably one of the greatest achievements of the appellation in the vintage year.

The vineyard is run according the Organic Farming guidelines, certified by Ecocert FR-BIO-01. That way, we are protecting our workers' and consumers' health, preserving the environment and biodiversity (birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, bacteria, worms etc), and of course, the development of our vines.
Soil and exposure
Very limited use of fertiliser and yield allow for the production of wine in keeping with the Terroir, and gives the wine the natural acidity indispensable for producing wine for laying down.
Our wines are matured slowly, for about 20 months, following the rhythm of seasons, and involves a year-long maturation in French oak casks They are unfiltered and almost never go through fining.

Pierre et Lucie Carle

33330 Saint-Emilion
Tél. : 05 57 51 13 64
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