Michel TURGY

Cuvée Réserve Sélection

A 6ha family vineyard since 1881, in Mesnil-sur-Oger whitin the Champagne region, 100% Grand Cru Blanc de Blanc pure Chardonnay.
In 1955, Michel Turgy took over from his father, developing the Turgy name for fourty years.
Today, Jean-Michel is perpetuating the traditions and growth of the Turgy estate, drawing on the experience passed on to him by his predecessors. His is assisted in this by his wife Catherine, and his son Thibaut who is already very much involved in the family business.

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Vintages for sale

Champagne Blanc de Blanc 2009 vintage, with notes of mature grapes and nuts, a crisp, fine and complex palate with aromas of fresh citrus fruit, brioche bread, a harmonious vintage with fine aromas and an elegant froth.

Champagne rosé Grand Cru, with rich aromas, a dense palate with notes of wild strawberry, a charming wine, with a crisp froth.

Champagne Vieilles Vignes, a delicious vintage of great subtlety, with a dominance of broom and dried fruit, combining structure and finesse, and a dense and persisting palate.

The hillside landscape offers a variaty of slopes which implies different orientations. This makes for a better exposition to sun rays and natural drainage of the soil. We use sustainable methods throughout the year in order to avoid excessive use of chemical treatment, and this exceptional opportunity must be preserved and valued.
Soil and exposure
The soil, made of a large layer of limestone, contributes to the management of water, either retaining it or returning it depending on climatic conditions.
Grape Variety
An extremely precise amount of sugar and natural yeast will be added before bottling, to achieve an optimal forming of froth. These bottles will be put down a cellar at the an ideal temperature to foster an elegant froth.
Grand Cru Blanc de Blanc réserve Sélection, with aromas of citrus and narcissus, combining structure and finesse, a lovely roundness and a very persistant palate, with notes of white peach and hazelnut.
Wine and food pairing
Foie Gras - Fish

Famille Turgy

17-18, rue de l'Orme
51190 Le Mesnil-sur-Oger
Tél. : 03 26 57 53 43
Email :