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For a century (1867) four generations have working to conserve the best of their vineyard. Today it is Christophe who follows respect for the champenoise tradition and respect the values of his predecesers.

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Brut Champagne Prestige: produced from selected vintages. It' s the result from blending mostly Chardonnay with 30 % of reserve wines. This elegance product, is predomined by magnificent aromas of toast, vanilla, honey, pear and white fruits. The taste is fine with a beautiful acidity, fresh and lemony. This exceptional and delicate vintage, will accompany marvelously, your apéritifs as well as dishes with fishe and shellfish.

Brut Champagne Excellence: the most important cepage of our village, the pinot noir with its complex and appetizing nose with aromas of peony and iris and a garrigue note. Ripes fruits such as, cherries, plums treat taste buds. In the aeration, appear notes of liquorice and slightly acidic apricot. The attack on the palate is full bodied, with a note of citrus in final ( pink grapefruit). This vintage can accompany roasted poultry (pigeon), duck breast and different cheeses.

Brut Champagne Tradition: dominated by pinot noir for the power and the length in mouth, wide touch of Chardonnay for the delicacy and the liveliness. Light yellow color with golden hints, it offers a very beautiful foam of fine bubbles. The nose expresses notes of lemon peels, grapefruit and white flowers. The fresh, elegant and very smooth mouth, presents a long lasting aromas. Excellent Champagne for apéritif!

Natural brut Champagne: " the wine only the wine ": this champagne with dominant of pinot noir is made without liqueur of expedition. Straw-colored robe with clear reflections, the discreet nose, greedy fruits (peaches, apricots) with a vegetable touch. The mouth offers a frank and smooth attack with a beautiful harmony and one finale with delicacy. A champagne for wine lovers !

Brut Champagne rosé : blending of a chardonnay and a pinot noir originating from the maceration. A beautiful brilliant colour, this wine with strong pink hints. The first nose, discreet, very elegant and delicate, reveals notes of red berries (cherries, Morello cherries, strawberries, raspberries). The attack on the palate is frank and with a beautiful length. This exceptional, fresh and typical vintage, will accompany marvelously your apéritifs as well as red fruit-based desserts.

Brut Champagne Exception: old vine, formerly planted on our hillsides, the white pinot produces a rare and confidential champagne today. The fine and appetizing nose, explodes aromas of bush peaches, citrus fruits, white flowers, hawthorn ... This lovely wine, silky, long, full bodied with a hint oh mint and crystallized lemon, lets appear balsamic notes after taste. This vintage, can accompany raw fish, Saint Jacques in citrus fruits, chicken with lemon ...

Brut Champagne vintage 2004: vintage of exception ! Grapes carefully selected from wineyard are cultivatec under the integrated farming system, it ages for 5 years in our cellars to reach its optimal maturity.
This champagne in the golden robe, presents aromas of white flowers, citrus fruits and peaches. The first sensation in mouth is fleshy and smoothy with a beautiful cordon of fine bubbles and a long lasting aromatic test. This vintage brut, finely structured, elegant and full bodied, is perfect as an apéritif or with fish meal.

The production is elorated thanks to well-kept technical means : Christophe Defrance has been conducted the domain since 1988 and he has deeply developed winemaking technics mixing both, family kowledge and modern ways.
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